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Writing Tips Series

Started : June 14, 2010

The Shut Down of Kpopfanfiction

When this blog first started it was full of naivete, infatuation with kpop and writing inspired from it. When Angela started this blog in June of 2010 and brought Matt and me on in July we made this blog prosper. We were interactive with our followers, and had a special affinity to each other that I personally, have never felt towards anyone online. We’ve been through contests, criticisms, and the gradual loss of friendship  between the three of us. This blog marks a variety of fanfiction from the internet, but it also made its mark on the three of us that I honestly could not see myself without having been a part of it.

After careful consideration between Angela and I, we’ve decided to shut this blog down. It has become a burden for the two of us to upkeep, no one submits fanfics anymore and, this blog has already been inactive for months now.

We won’t delete this blog. We understand that most fics are under read more cuts and they can’t be find elsewhere. We will leave this blog here, but no longer will there be updates and the submission button will be turned off.

From the bottom of our hearts, Angela and I would like to thank the followers who have been here since the beginning—since Matt was here, and thank the recent followers for their support of our writers, and the writers of kpop overall who were kind enough to submit fics to this humble Tumblr. Thank you to all our writers, our slave (BRENNA!), and the friends who have come and gone because of this blog.

-Your loving admins Natalie & Angela


Addendum: If anyone wishes to take up the blog in our absence, you will be scrutinized very carefully by the both of us. You may message us here and leave a short essay on why you want this blog.

01 Oct 2011 ★ 7 notes

Sunday Afternoons

Title: Sunday Afternoons
Author: Kristina, official writer
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: Lee Jinki/Kim Kibum
Word Count: 244
Summary: Just another Sunday in the OnKey world
Notes: Side note… that request I got for Alexander and Kibum is finished but because of everything that’s happened in the past few months, it’s been impossible to write anything, much less type up what I’ve finished ;~; I just have an arsenal of fics for back up in case something like this happened. ;~; I’m sorry to whoever requested it. I’m really proud of it too.

Here it is

29 Sep 2011 ★ 3 notes


Title: Cold
Author: namuhyun
Rating: PG
Fandom: Infinite 
Pairing: MyungYeol/ Myungsoo/sungjong
Word Count: 717
An “I Love you” has a lot of meanings.

 Notes: Yay! I am just inspired with the fic I just read, More Than Anything by k_popsicle on livejournal. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Lol. I just want to finish this before I go to sleep. Well here you go, enjoy~

“Myungsoo?” Myungsoo looked at Sungyeol, who was beside him. They were sitting at the bench in front of Sungyeol’s house. They just finished their assignment and went outside for a break.

Sungyeol smiled at Myungsoo. He can’t express what he was feeling right now. He laughed, “Tell you the truth, I don’t actually know how to say what I am thinking right now.”

Myungsoo raised his eyebrow, “What makes you say that?”

“I don’t really know. Don’t mind me, I am not my usual self today.” Sungyeol replied.

Sungyeol really wasn’t the same today. He was so quiet in school. Myungsoo didn’t had the chance to talk to him because he kept on leaving immediately in the classroom, making Myungsoo lose track of him. When Myungsoo was taking glances at Sungyeol during class, he can see him doodling in his notebook or looking completely blank, that was not a normal Sungyeol.

“Maybe it’s because of the cold these days.” Sungyeol said, rubbing his hands and blowing on them.

It was already winter season and snow was about to fall. Sungyeol always forget to bring his jacket to school so Myungsoo as a best friend, he sometimes lend his jacket to the older boy. Myungsoo was quite used to the cold so it was okay to lend his jacket to Sungyeol. Myungsoo was always there to help him, in his time of need. He was a friend that he could count on. Wait, only a friend?

Sungyeol had always considered Myungsoo as his best friend, but these days he’s been thinking about what he was feeling when he was with Myungsoo. Like what he is feeling right now, this feeling in his stomach that makes his heart flutter. He doesn’t want to say it to Myungsoo cause he was not yet sure if the other was still going to be his best friend if he dares to tell it to him.

Myungsoo eyed Sungyeol as he rubbed his hands together. “Sungyeol, let me help you.” Myungsoo scooted closer to Sungyeol and took the other’s hands with his. Sungyeol’s eyes widened. Myungsoo started to caress Sungyeol’s palms, then his fingers. He was now starting to feel warmer. His heart was beating so fast that he was afraid that Myungsoo would be able to hear it. He looked so serious, Sungyeol was just staring at his hands being caressed by his best friend, but why did it feel different?

“Myungsoo?” Sungyeol eyeing Myungsoo’s hands.

“What would you feel if I said I love you?”

Myungsoo looked up, still doing Sungyeol’s hands. “Huh? I’ll say I Love you too, you’re my best friend no matter what.”

That made Sungyeol smile again. Even though Myungsoo’s reason was because he was his best friend, he felt happy. “Are you still feeling cold?” Myungsoo asked. Sungyeol jumped and looked at Myungsoo.

“Huh? What? Uh, yes. I feel much better now. Thanks.” Myungsoo grinned and let go of Sungyeol’s hands. Sungyeol suddenly felt empty. “I think I can say it now.” There was no turning back. He was sure of what he is feeling right now. He can do this.

Sungyeol stood up and went in front of Myungsoo. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Then he said, “I love you.” Sungyeol looked straight into Myungsoo’s eyes. He really meant it, it wasn’t just an “I love you” because he was a best friend but an “I Love you” that he wants to be with Myungsoo. “I know that this is so sudden but I really want to get this out of my mind right now.”

Myungsoo stared at the figure in front of him. Sungyeol really looked serious.

“You make my heart beat so fast. You make me feel butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know how to act normal when I am with you. Kim Myungsoo, I love you.”

“Was that the one you’ve been trying to say?”

Sungyeol nodded, eyes looking teary. “Yeah I guess. I just want to say it, I don’t-”

Before Sungyeol could finish his hand was pulled by Myungsoo hugging him. Myungsoo hugged him tightly like they never seen each other for years. “Myungsoo?”

“Babo. Don’t you know how much I waited for this moment?” Sungyeol started to cry.

“I love you too, Lee Sungyeol.”

25 Sep 2011 ★ 20 notes

I’ve Got Great Biceps So Obviously You’ll Be Bending Over Tonight


So I may have a little too much time on my hands. Or rather, I am very good at mis-managing my time, spending hours scrolling through tumblr without realizing I am chipping away at the likelihood of my graduation pixel by pixel. (Who has time to look at the rhetoric of the anarchist movement when Lucifer just came out in Japanese? Please.) 

But I’ve noticed this trend in what I’ve been reading. 

It goes without saying that I’ve been in fandom for a while. When I was in middle school, it was anime, high school, probably more of the same, disguised in my general bookishness. I was shown fanfiction by one of my friends and I remember my reaction: I could do this! I thought it was amazing that people were “allowed” to take characters they loved and put them in situations they imagined, creating stories that were immediately accessible and allowed your personal flair to come through.

  I had been a voracious reader from a young age, and dutifully pounded out a sweeping fantasy epic on our family Dell until it wheezed into non-existence. One day, after a really in-depth discussion about how cool it would be if everyone in Yugi-Oh went to Egypt and then like, traveled back in time! Oh jeeze! I loved Egyptian Myth so much! Can you tell how popular I was!? I set out to write this thing, with a set of ridiculous literary goals (I will utilize METAPHOR!) and a staggering sense of confidence. What I ended up with is no Grapes of Wrath, but definitely let me move rather gracefully through the early stages of learning to write- stumbling over clichés, figuring out when to show and when to tell, how the fuck to fit setting and character description into a story without sounding like a romance novel, and how to stick to a tense. 

I believe fandom is a great outlet and fanfiction is a great way to work on your writing. Test your form, show off a little, or even try to express an emotion or situation that is totally alien to you, without the critical eyes of Official Literature (tm) weighing you down.

Because fandom is a group activity, what you say in your writing when you release it for greater perusal will either influence your reader and/or reflects what you pick up in fandom. You learn to identify tropes. Very quickly characters have features foisted upon them that are taken for granted. A shorthand is created, like the bunny ears Shawols use to denote Onew doodles. Minho is manly (and quiet, depending), Key is a lady, the end. It happens everywhere, and it’s inevitable, but not crippling. 

UNLESS you persist on using this shorthand to reinforce harmful stereotypes. Look, fandom, topping and bottoming is not the hetero normative straightjacket many fic writers seem to believe it is. As a queer individual, let me tell you, you can switch it up. Depending on your sexual wants/needs, you choose a partner and a position that you find fulfilling. You may stick with that, it may be the only position you want, but there aren’t really any definite physical characteristics or attributes that will alert the greater world to this preference. 

So I get really sick of (here I will reveal how much I read online) for example, Minho topping Jonghyun/Onew/etc. because he’s more “masculine,” i.e. he’s tall, he’s athletic, he’s got a deep voice, he’s got fantastic muscles. These are also attributes you could use to describe a woman, you know. And I can just backspace out of the page if I don’t like it, but there is so much of this kind of thing that it’s really been bugging me. I am physically repulsed when an author has a male character, in a tete-a-tete to see who will bottom, refuse to “be the woman.” In this kind of writing, all the shame associated with liking a dick in your ass is usually tied into the act being somehow feminized, and I’m goddamn sick of this perception that masculinity and therefore, in this logic, dignity must be set aside to perform a lesser, female function that is humiliating. 

THIS IS STUPID. This is fanfiction. You can write whatever you want, incluing Onew the amazing vampire robot or Taemin the luscious Maybelliene model on vacation in Taiwan. So why not make up a perfect world in which your gender, your masculinity or femininity is only as relevant to the sex you want to receive as you want it to be. Being submissive is not equivalent to being “feminine,” being dominant is not equivalent to being “masculine.” There are so many permutations of positions and personalities (topping from the bottom, hey) that it is downright dumb to give one a thumbs up and regard the other as something inferior. 

In conclusion, Key can make angry blonde love to Minho in this piece of fiction you are writing about them on the internet and people will be able to read it without gouging their eyes out with their thumbs because it is just so implausible! 

tl;dr: Why continue to condemn one form of sexual pleasure? It’s 2011, guys. 

(Source: )

23 Sep 2011 ★ 40 notes


A running list of things not to do when writing fanfiction

  • Stop using “yah!” every time someone speaks.  Not only is it inaccurate - do you go around shouting “HEY!” when you talk to people? - but in reality it’s actually quite rude to shout “yah!” at someone you hardly know and/or someone older than you.
  • There’s pretty much no point to including Korean words in your writing - the whole point is to write a story in your language, with the underlying insinuation that in reality, they’d be saying everything in Korean.
  • But, if you want to plug in a “hyung” or “oppa” here and there, use them sparingly please.
  • Also, if you’re going to use romanized Korean words… at least know how to spell them.  Sarange (사랑에) is very different from saranghae (사랑해) - and saranghe is wrong, period.  Anyoung (안영) can be a name.  Annyeong (안녕) is a greeting.
  • When naming OCs, stray away from unrealistically “Korean” names like Yumi and Yeena and the like.  Though they may be Korean names, or even Asian names, they’re ridiculously mediocre.
  • Also, if your OC is supposed to be 100% Korean, born and raised… don’t give them a Western name.  Park Eve?  Kim Lily?  What?  When was the last time you heard a Korean person - Korean, not Korean-American - with the name Lily or Eve?  What is wrong with you?
  • Don’t put your fic in 20-point Comic Sans font.  Just don’t do it.
  • Please get some sort of handle on the English language.  If I look at your profile and it says you’re from North Carolina and then I read your fic and it looks and sounds like a foreign person wrote it, you need to reevaluate your choices.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding to this list in the future.

Pretty much sums up all the tl;dr posts in the writing tips series

23 Sep 2011 ★ 226 notes

Lost: Passion and Vengeance (Chapter 3)

Title: LOST: Passion and Vengeance (Chapter 3)
Author: Billy, KPFF official writer
Rating: PG
Fandom: SNSD
Pairing: OT9
Word Count: 841
Summary: Lying to avoid causing pain.
Notes: Here’s chapter 3~

Chapter 3

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11 Sep 2011 ★ 24 notes

The Great Escape

Title: The Great Escape.
Author: honeykpop

Rating: NC-17.
Fandom: Big Bang/2ne1
Pairing:  Daragon / TOPBOM / SunSky [CL & Taeyang]
Word Count: 3,000/chapter.
Summary: Freshman year is an opportunity to escape from their dull lives and head out to a new adventure for these 4 girls, and with their bold attitudes; it is evident that they will live it to the fullest.  Four friends deal with love, heartbreak, new experiences and 5 alluring men as they head the furthest they’ve ever been away from home.
Notes: Rated for coarse language and sexual content.


08 Sep 2011 ★ 2 notes

Anonymous said:
Can you post more nc-17 and R's about infinite (woogyu), and block B (u-bomb .. or any couple <3 )

Well we get fics submitted to us, we don’t write fics or requests. We have a staff of writers but they do their own pairings just to keep the blog active.

You can try to find some by clicking on the link on our first page to all the fic communities on Livejournal for some!

01 Sep 2011 ★ 0 notes

Et Cetera (And other things)

Title: Et Cetera (And other things)
Author: Haddie
Rating: G
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: Jonghyun/Kibum (Key)
Word Count: 414
Summary: "The minute we’re born, we’re dying." 
Notes: I think I’m going to continue this (not sure yet though).

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01 Sep 2011 ★ 6 notes


Title: Unintended
Author: Belacqua
Rating: G
Fandom: Block B
Pairing: Jaeil (Jaehyo/Taeil)
Word Count: 1.208
Summary: Jaehyo cares for Taeil, maybe too much for his own good.         
Notes: Originally posted on LJ.

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01 Sep 2011 ★ 14 notes

Anonymous said:
question about the counter again xD where do i put the code?

It’s no problem!

You put the counter in your about me :) .

 Go to customize tumblr and put it where you write your bio.

01 Sep 2011 ★ 1 note

Anonymous said:
this is really irrelevant, but i'm curious. you know how you have that counter on your tumblr where it says how many readers are on your tumblr right now, how do you do that? I want one on my own ^^

If you clicked on the counter it takes you to the website and it has instructions as to how to set up the code :)


30 Aug 2011 ★ 1 note


Title: Melting
Author: Talli , Official Writer
Rating: R/NC-17
Fandom: Infinite
Pairing: Myungsoo(L)/Sungjong
Word Count: fb
Summary: Myungsoo is melting, but what happens when the ice prince becomes warm?
Notes: So yeah… I like Myungjong. I call him Myungsoo most of the time in the fic not L. But they are interchangeable

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30 Aug 2011 ★ 26 notes

Title: Who Said Love Didn’t Hurt?
Author: junhyungstar; keesha
Rating: G
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: OnTae
Word Count: 422
Summary: One Shot, in a diary kind of format, Onew’s POV. & a little bit of Minho mentioned
Notes: hope you guys enjoy it~ I haven’t written in a while and this is my latest! 

<click here to read>

29 Aug 2011 ★ 0 notes

Anonymous said:
there isn't the link for {2PM/SHINee} Nichkhun (top)/ Minho (bottom) smut please put it *puppy eyes*

I don’t really understand this question. A link in the requests page…? It might have been taken down cause the only one I know who wrote that pairing was matt a year ago and he’s lost that awesome fic.

sorry! There’s some other Minho/Nichkhun fics in Inorae (check their pairing tags)


29 Aug 2011 ★ 1 note