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Writing Tips Series

Started : June 14, 2010

sirenmika said:
I need to request some Jaechun/Chunjae. I don't care who tops, preferably Dom!Yoochun with Slut!Jaejoong. Andddd NC-17 with bondage.

Sounds dirtier than I thought it did in my head.

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04 Aug 2011 ★ 0 notes

002. Writing Tips Series: Basics Cont’d

Hi guys! Once again I bring you some tips. I’ve been busy the past few weeks but I’ve been looking through some profiles and I’ve stumbled upon these tips that are fortify your writing and make it even better. I hope you enjoy!


1) Try to avoid using the verb “to be”. Instead of saying “she was walking down the path”, say “she walked down the path”. Instead of “I am sleeping in a cold, damp place”, try “I sleep in a cold, damp place.” The verb “to be” is an overused verb when we speak. If you can eliminate as many “am”s, “are”s, “is”s, and “was”s, your writing will become much more powerful. It’s not always possible to get rid of all of those words, but the more you can get rid of, the better.

2) Try not to use words that modify adjectives. For example: very, really, super, so, etc. Instead of saying “The water was very hot”, try using a word that describes the hot water. “The water was scalding.” Even just saying “The water was hot” makes the writing more powerful.

3) Using vague words like thing and stuff, should be avoided. “It” is also one to be avoided, but it’s okay in smaller quantities.

4) Try and use poetic words. Use a thesaurus. Microsoft Word Thesaurus is okay, but there are some online ones that are better, and a Roget Thesaurus is one of the best.

5) Avoid using the same words to start each sentence. “It blah blah blah. It blah blah blah. It blah blah blah.” Gets boring fast. Try mixing up your clauses a bit.

6) When using dialogue, don’t always use “said” when when you want your readers to hear the character speak a certain way. Use other words: growled, whispered, muttered, whimpered. The thesaurus is a good place to look. You can throw a clause in too. For example: “Don’t talk to me like that,” she put the plate on the table, “I don’t like it.” If you want a person to pay special attention to the dialogue and not so much what the people are doing, only use said. “Look over there,” she said,”An avalanche.” The word “said” becomes invisible to the reader and the eyes travel over it without registering it. It becomes more of a tag, just to let the reader mentally know who is speaking.

7) Don’t use exclamation marks. The writing tone becomes cheesy and over-dramatic when you use them. If you must use them, use one every 500 words, as a rule of thumb.

8) Show people what happens in the dialogue. Don’t tell them. Instead of saying “he was absolutely terrified!”(very bad sentence), use words that instill fear, or make the character act in ways that show he is scared. Make him fidget, make him tremble, or not look people in the eyes. Don’t tell us what a character is feeling, but instead what he does so that we can see how he feels.

-Taken from here

02 Aug 2011 ★ 21 notes

Secrets: A Teen Top Fanfiction.

Title: Secrets
Author: honeykpop
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Teen Top
Pairing: Teen Top + OCs.
Word Count: 2,000+
Summary:  Emotional Pop Teen Band, Teen Top comes face to face with Fierce Girl Group, Honey. Living in the same dorm, love blooms, feelings are hurt and secrets are revealed.
Notes: Each Teen Top member is paired with an OC. Only members 18 or older will engage in PG-13 rated activities.


02 Aug 2011 ★ 2 notes

Rinse, Repeat

Title: Rinse, Repeat
Author: Roo, Official Writer
Rating: R
Fandom: SNSD
Pairing: None
Word Count: 230
Sooyoung isn’t the true eater that everyone believes.
Notes: SEVERE TRIGGER WARNING. This deals heavily with eating disorders. This is a work of fiction. I do not claim to know anything about SNSD’s personal lives. My writing does not necessarily reflect opinions and beliefs that I have about the members. My writing does not intend to belittle, besmirch, insult or spread any rumors about any/all member(s) of the Korean girl group SNSD or those who have suffered with eating disorders in their lifetime. As stated before, it is purely a work of fiction.

I might continue this, I have’t decided yet.

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02 Aug 2011 ★ 8 notes

Anonymous said:
Ive been waiting for the KIKWANG AND HYOSUNG COUPLE FANFIC for a long time now,, but i still have not read it or seen it on the tumblog. Ive kept updated to this for a really long while now, an still have not read it.

Well if it was a request then please note that we do not fulfill requests. I’ve updated the main blog so it becomes clear.

I’m sorry that you’ve waited so long. You can request a writer to write it, or just write it yourself. You can also check the beast fanfic comm over at LJ and see if they have the couple over there.


01 Aug 2011 ★ 0 notes

Good Morning

Title: Good Morning
Author: Kristina, official writer
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: U-Kiss
Pairing: Jaeli
Word Count:  
Summary: 390
Notes: Yeah… idk LOL…

You can read it here

01 Aug 2011 ★ 5 notes


Title: Because You Are Waiting For Me (New Chance)
Author: icha
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: KyuWook(Kyuhyun’s POV)
Word Count: didn’t count it
Summary: Kyuhyun has waited for two years after his lover dead, now it gives him the result.
Notes: it’s sequel for Footprints in the snow

Marry me??

01 Aug 2011 ★ 0 notes

Don’t Speak, Chapter 1

Title:  Don’t Speak, Ch. 1
Author:    meg, official writer
Rating:   PG
Fandom:   2NE1
Pairing:    Chaera (CL/Dara)
Word Count:    Noooo idea.
Summary:   After suffering a breakup, Dara helps CL heal.
Notes:    This is the first chapter of my Chaera story.

( Don’t speak, I know just what you’re saying.)

30 Jul 2011 ★ 4 notes

Anonymous said:
Is there any place that has more nc-17 Infinite fanfics than the dashidorawa fanfic community?

you can try their forum if you want. Otherwise I wouldn’t know.


29 Jul 2011 ★ 0 notes

List of all kpop fic communities on Livejournal

It has come to my attention that a lot of people read fanfics from either asianfanfics, soompi, forums, or on tumblr itself. Mostly, these stories aren’t very good, are disorganized, or just aren’t very comprehensive.

Here are 2 links that will direct you to a group’s fic community (where if you search on their archive or look though their tags, they’ll have every pairing you’d ever want, and literally hundreds of stories). These cover all of the major communities on LJ. Some of them (like the DBSK community) even have fic recs.

The two lists are:

Have fun reading!


29 Jul 2011 ★ 22 notes

Itunes Drabble Meme (Changjo/Ricky)

Author: Talli, Official Writer
Main Character(s): Changjo,Ricky
Other Character(s):  Teen Top
Pairing(s): Changjo/Ricky
Rating: A Mix. PG-13 to R
Summary: 10 songs, 10 different stories
Warning(s): boy x boy, fast stories, Unrequited love,

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29 Jul 2011 ★ 9 notes

Welcome to PCU! (Pleasure Cruise Univeristy)

Title: Welcome to PCU! (Pleasure Cruise University)
Author: leejaehwa7
Rating: NC-17 (mostly)
Fandom: BEAST/Infinite/Big Bang/MBLAQ/Block B/SHINee/more
Couples: BEAST/OT6, Woohyun/Sunggyu, Myungsoo/Sungyeol/Sungjong, Joon/Mir, Zico/Kyung, Jonghyun/Key, GD/TOP, more
Word Count: ridiculous
Summary: Pleasure Cruise University (PCU) is an all boys school on the sea that specifically caters to the wealthy elites of society. The school provides the perfect place for males with healthy sex drives, who wish to have fun before entering into family businesses. The school may seem like a playground for adults, but it teaches something more than outsiders can ever understand.


27 Jul 2011 ★ 5 notes

Him… Really? Ch 5 - Finale

Title: Him… Really?

Author: Talli - Official Writer
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Teen Top/Big Bang
Pairing: Gdragon/L.Joe
Word Count: I didn’t count
Summary: L.Joe admires G-Dragon the most… but who does G-Dragon admire the most.
Notes: C’mon, L.Joe is obsessed with G-Dragon ;) This is the final chapter.

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27 Jul 2011 ★ 5 notes

Him… Really? Ch 4

Title: Him… Really?

Author: Talli - Official Writer
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Teen Top/Big Bang
Pairing: Gdragon/L.Joe
Word Count: I didn’t count
Summary: L.Joe admires G-Dragon the most… but who does G-Dragon admire the most.
Notes: C’mon, L.Joe is obsessed with G-Dragon ;)

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27 Jul 2011 ★ 4 notes

Him… Really? Ch 3

Title: Him… Really?

Author: Talli - Official Writer
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Teen Top/Big Bang
Pairing: Gdragon/L.Joe
Word Count: I didn’t count
Summary: L.Joe admires G-Dragon the most… but who does G-Dragon admire the most.
Notes: C’mon, L.Joe is obsessed with G-Dragon ;)

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27 Jul 2011 ★ 4 notes