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Writing Tips Series

Started : June 14, 2010

Official Fanfic Writer - Jessica

name: Jessica Nguyen
age: 16
birthday: October 20
tumblr: taecmyhand
nationality: Vietnamese/Chinese
country: Canada
ultimate bias: Park Jungmin
fandom: SS501/Triple S
OTPs: Kyujong/Jungmin, Hyunjoong/Youngsaeng, Hyunjoong/Jungmin, Hyunjoong/Hyungjun, Jaejoong/Yunho, Taecyeon/Jay Park, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, G-Dragon/Sunye, YeEun/Daesung
funfacts: I can play 3 instruments, complete and total nerd, learned of kpop from Boa but never got into it until DBSK, learning Korean ^^
likes: grapes, sunglasses, camwhoring, drawing, READING, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, anime, Death Note, Inuyasha, YouTube
dislikes: over enthusiastic fans, fake fans, too harsh criticism, haters, WRITER’S BLOCK, backstabbers

22 Jul 2010 ★ 1 note

Official Fanfic Writer - Kezz


name: Kerralee (Call Me Kezz)

age: 16

birthday: 26th October

personal tumblrukissmeli

nationality: Australian

country: Australia

ultimate bias: Hyun Joong

fandom:Triple S

other group biases: Big Bang, Super Junior F.T Island…. and on and on

other kpop biases: Kevin Woo, Jay Park, Hyungjun, Eli

OTPs: Kemaru, YunJae, TaecJay, Hyun Joongxeveryone (he is a hoe afterall)

funfacts: I went to China to see DBSK in concert, I’ve been writing smut since I was 12.

likes: KPop, writing, JPop, Japanese Chinese & Korean

dislikes: antis, closed minded people

22 Jul 2010 ★ 0 notes

1st Official Fanfic Writer - Billie

name: Billie

age: 17
birthday: November 24
personal tumblrmaknaeaddiction.tumblr.com 
nationality: Chinese & sadly I don’t know the language D:
country: USA
group biases: Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang, SHINee, 2PM, f(x), and a lot more
kpop biases: give me any maknae and I’ll figure out what to do with them … kekeke but my favs are Taemin and Kyuhyun + GDragon, Yunho, Onew, Kyujong, Luna, Jokwon, and Taeyang - I would do him anytime anywhere.
OTPs: Taemin/Kyuhyun, Changmin(DBSK)/Taemin, Changsung/Changmin(DBSK), any maknae pairings makes me happy + Yunho/Jaejoong
funfacts: My friends don’t know I write fanfiction. I have an unhealthy obsession towards maknaes - just something about them (if you haven’t noticed yet) - watchout Angela lol.
likes: maknaes, innocence (so I can steal it), lemonade, rain, the smell of freshly chopped/cut wood
dislikes: feet (they’re like monsters with five heads), antis, hot weather, birds, onions

22 Jul 2010 ★ 2 notes

Update : New Official Fanfic Writers

Hello! Just wanted to say that a conference with every single new writer at the exact same time is utterly impossible - so Matt and I are chatting with them one on one - every time we finish chatting with one we’ll post an info page up!

*note: you know how we have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd admin? Well we’re going to do the same with the writers - in the order that that we are able to contact them*

To fanfic writers that we chosen - We are trying hard to get in contact with you - keep on checking you inbox for any new updates and etc.

- Angela, 1st Adminm

22 Jul 2010 ★ 1 note

kpopfanfiction : A History

Yes Plan B is nice - In light of recent events - I thought I would share a little bit of history about kpopfanfiction : 

Once upon a time there was a girl named Angela. Angela likes Tumblr and she also like fan fiction, but there was no fanfiction on Tumblr … everything was mostly on Live Journal. So one day Angela gets a brilliant idea : “Let’s make a kpop fan fiction tumblr site” 

Thus kpopfanfiction was born. After it was set up Angela realized that she was a very lonely admin so she made applications for other admins! Finally after a long wait and a very difficult decision Angela finally chose 2 new admins, the lovely and hilarious Matt and Natalie! The 2 new admins helped Angela organize the site and make it beautiful for all the followers

Together the admins got involved in hysterical shenanigans - such as the Canadian mansion, bastard parings, smex gods, maknaes, smut requests. 

keep the shenanigans alive - to people in power - don’t ban Tumblr. 

/shamelessly begs OTL

Why did I make this post you ask?

Because of that chick that thinks she can DESTROY TUMBLR FOR ALL OF US. 

Because this is could be the future of kpofanfiction - and I was going to give a little bit of my say in this -

truthfully, I hope Tumblr is not banned, and if we do have to transfer kpopfanfiction to Live journal - it won’t be the same OTL it’ll just run together with all the other fanfic blogs there … and Live Journal confuses me but we do what we must Live Journal will probably be our last resort.


- Angela, 1st Admin

21 Jul 2010 ★ 2 notes

Plan B?

So in light of the whole tumblr might get banned controversy, which I just found out today T-T. We’re working on a plan b, which I hope we don’t have to resort to because my forum isn’t finished yet T-T. However I have everyone’s fics on my computer backed up on a flashdrive and if worse comes to worse no one has to worry about their submitted fics getting lost!

However if this is a prank then I will be a very upset admin.

So I would love to hear any suggestions for a plan b from you guys! The staff still wants to keep kpopfanfiction alive and well but at the same time convenient for you guys! So if you have an idea give it to us! :D

-Anxious and hungry Matt, 2nd Admin

21 Jul 2010 ★ 4 notes

Filling a Void

Title: Filling a Void

Author: Angela, 1st Admin. + friend 
Main Character(s): Heechul & Siwon
Other Character(s): Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Yesung
Pairing(s): Heechul/Siwon + a very small hint of HanChul 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: When you’re drunk you do things…

Warning(s): alcohol use, smut - beyond smut

A/N: Because I couldn’t write the smut - my friend did it all for me —> to the requester of this fic : thanks to you I now owe my friend 5 bubble teas …

* disclaimer - I DO NOT promote alcoholism in anyway, it is only added to keep the story moving. So if you grow up and become a drunkard do. Or blame me *

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21 Jul 2010 ★ 28 notes

I’m right here

Title: I’m right here
Author: Alice, 7th Fanfic Writer
Main Character(s): Ok Taekyeon, Jay Park
Other Character(s):
Pairing(s): TaekJay
Rating: R
Warning(s): Explicit gay sex, cursing etc. LOL
Summary: Jay did something wrong and left (officially he died) and now he’s back to meet Taek again after a long time.

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21 Jul 2010 ★ 2 notes

100 SuJu Fic Challenge Prompts

Super Junior stans. Be brave try this out 100 isn’t that big of a number - especially for Super Junior - have fun!

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18 Jul 2010 ★ 3 notes

Hide and Go Seek

Title: Hide and Go Seek
Author: Angela, 1st Admin.
Main Character(s): Kyuhyun and Taemin
Other Character(s): SUJU and SHINee
Pairing(s): KyuTae + hints of other OTPs especially 2Min
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Contrary to popular belief - Minho wasn’t the person who took Taemin’s virginity …
A/N: My friend fed me smut lines through skype…

After a long schedule Super Junior and SHINee met up in one dressing room, tired as hell. As tired as they were Donghae rustled up enough energy to suggest a game of hide and go seek. Begging his hyungs and the younger members until they broke down and agreed to one game. Donghae always seemed to get his way. The two groups decided to break up into pairs to make it a shorter game. Playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors quickly determined that Donghae and Eunhyuk’s group was the seeker. With great speed the other eight groups left on a search for a hiding place.

Heechul and Hangeng found a space fit for two behind a clothes rack labeled “Super Junior - MNet”, safe behind the multiple outfits and accescaries.

Siwon and Kibum found a small spot underneath a booth in a recording room.

Ryeowook and Yesung hid together in a single bathroom stall.

Jonghyun and Onew shared a spot in the back corner of the kitchen.

Minho and Sungmin found a space hidden in a recording room.

Shindong and Key ran up toward the roof.

Kangin and Leeteuk, after a lot of cohersion from Kangin, decided to hide in the President’s office.

Kyuhyun and Taemin were forced together. Kyuhyun obviously wanted to be with Sungmin but he was stolen away by Minho, which angered Taemin because Minho always hid with him. After a couple minutes of bickering they decided to go hide in an elevator.

Taemin was hesitant about going with Kyuhyun. Everytime he looked at his hyung he got butterflies, just like the sensation he has when he’s with Minho.

"What are you staring at?" Kyu asked.

As Taemin stammered away He was looking at Kyu up and down again. His face had a young look but there was something older in his eyes. His jaw as sharp and strong, coming down from his ears in a perfect square. He was exactly the sort of man that Taemin wished he was. He was manly, handsome, and confident.

Kyuhyun’s eyes lit up. Taemin was alway untouchable - always protected by his SHINee hyungs. But now it was just the maknaes. Alone. Together. Kyu knew that Donghae and Eunhyuk were going to take a long time to even begin searching. So he had a lot of time.

"It’s alright," Kyu interrupted Taemin’s stammering, "You haven’t done this before, have you?"

"Done what? Oh no, I’m not. That is to say that I don’t…"

"Why don’t we just get in the elevator"


"Why did I get in with him?" Taemin asked himself a million times.

Kyu smiled at Tae, an innocent but mischevious boyish smile and Taemin felt his knees go a little weak. He didn’t know why but this man did something to his stomach and to his mind. It was as though a cloud had rolled into his brain, making it so that Taemin didn’t think properly as though he couldn’t process thoughts properly.

"You ever been with a guy before Taemin? Has Minho shown you the ropes yet?" Kyu grinned.

Taemin stayed silent, his brain was still processing the current situation. Kyu’s hand fell on Taemin’s thigh. Tar felt his heart skip a beat and then jump into over drive, and as Kyu’s hand slid up Tae’s leg and his lips move closer to Tae’s face something in Taemin’s brain registered what was happening but the rest of his body ignored that message.

"Hyung … Stop … Minh-" Taemin gasped.

"It doesn’t look like you want me to stop."

Taemin’s length had sprung up, now rock hard and pressing against his jeans.

Kyu’s lips landed on Taemin’s and his tongue slipped into the SHINee’s maknae’s  mouth, and his hand found Tae’s member.

For a long moment Tae did nothing. He just sat there with his hyung’s tongue in his mouth and a hand on his length.

Taemin kissed back.

Kyuhyun’s hand came up from Tae’s member and slipped up his shirt brushing against the bare skin. An electric shock ran through Taemin’s body and he launched himself into the kiss. Slowly his shirt was pulled up and Kyu began to pull on Taemin’s nipples, twisting and tweaking on the small brown points on Tae’s chest.

Suddenly Kyu broke the kiss; stepping back he pulled Tae’s shirt off his head and tossed it away in a far corner. Then crossing his arms across his chest he pulled of his own shirt revealing the exact body that Taemin wished he had. His stomach was rippled with muscles, and on the sides of his six pack were lines which angled down into his pants where a growing bulge was becoming visible.

Kyu dove back into the kiss, his hands wandering over Taemin’s chest, feeling the smooth hairless skin and small lean muscles. Tae loved the feeling of Kyu’s hands roaming over my bare chest sliding down, down…
"wait, where were his hands going?" Taemin was awoken from his trance. He pulled back from Kyu but couldn’t really go far, he was trapped in a corner of an elevator. It was late so no one but the Super Junior or SHINee members could walk in in them. But still, Minho would kill Tae.

Kyu wasn’t affected slightly by Taemin’s reaction, he just advanced towards the corner that the younger boy trapped himself in. Slowly he was undoing Tae’s belt, unbuttoning his fly, and opening up his pants.

"Hyung, stop. People can walk in at any moment." Taemin whined, trying to reason with his hyung.

"Don’t worry. No one will bother us."

Taemin watches as Kyuhyun turned around and pressed some buttons. The elevator jolted to a stop which left Taemin a scared wreck.

"What did you do?"

"I just stopped it. Again, don’t worry I can get it to start again."

Taemin felt Kyu’s hand cupping his member through underpants. His body tried retaliating but his mind wouldn’t let him. He wanted Kyu to be holding his length and that thought scared him for a moment. He wanted someone who wasn’t Minho to be holding his length. In fact he wanted more, much, much more. He wanted to feel the Super Junior maknae’s mouth around his member. He wanted to feel Kyuhyun’s member in his mouth. And … He wanted to feel Kyu’s length slipping in and out of his hole. He had never wanted to put anything in his hole before that moment, even Minho hadn’t touched there yet, but suddenly he was over whelmed with a need to feel the massive length he knew Kyu must have hidden in his pants.

Kyuhyun felt Tae stop struggling, grabbing a hold of Taemin’s waist band Kyu pulled the pants down around Tae’s ankles and the off over his feet. Kyu tossed them away joining the shirt and smiled. He stood back up and looking at Tae in the eyes the entire time, he undid his own pants and kicked them off. For a moment he stood before Taemin wearing only a pair of dark blue bikini briefs that hung close to his member which was even more magnificent that Tae had imagined.

Taemin couldn’t believe what he was looking at.

Slowly Kyuhyun pressed Taemin onto the floor, bent down, and drew him into another kiss. This time it was less cautious, less gentle, it was more animalistic, and more lustful. His tongue flicked back and forth in Taemin’s mouth, suddenly, after all the effort of pushing Tae to the ground, Taemin was pulled to his feet, and tugged up onto his tip toes to keep both mouths connected.

For the first time Taemin reached his hands forward and touched Kyuhyun’s bare skin feeling his hair and warm flesh, and for the first time as well Tae realized that this was really happening to him. He wasn’t dreaming or making it up. He was standing in a locked elevator stuck in mid air between two floors, locked mouth to mouth with a Super Junior hyung.

Reluctantly Taemin let Kyuhyun’s mouth go as he knelt down, falling to his knees on the floor, Tae’s swollen member right in front of his face. Kyu’s hands moved to the waist band of Tae’s briefs and yanked them down. Without another moment’s pause he swallowed Tae’s length down right to the base.

A long loud groan escaped Taemin’s lips as Kyu’s throat began to contract and suck around his throbbing member. Tae’s head was swimming, he couldn’t believe what was happening, less than an hour ago he had belonged to Minho - his property - now his length was embedded deep in Kyuhyun’s mouth. Kyu backed off of Taemin’s length, leaving only the head in his mouth and then again without warning swallowed Tae whole. Again and again Kyu swallowed  Taemin’s member.

Then suddenly Taemin felt something pressing on his hole. No, not pressing, in his hole.

Looking behind himself he saw that Kyu’s right hand was up between his legs and he has just stuck his middle finger in Tae’s hole. Taemin’s virgin ass hole had just been penetrated by a finger and he hadn’t even noticed it happen, how the fuck was that possible.

As if reading my mind Kyu let Tae’s member fall and said, “I put it in there when I swallowed you, distracted you so that you wouldn’t feel it as much. You want me to take it out?”

"No, no," Tae panted, trying to master his shock. "I like it there," the second part surprised Taemin as it came out of his own mouth, he hadn’t really processed the thought before he had said it.

"Good." Kyu winked.

He returned to Taemin’s length with his mouth, and began to feel around with his finger. Taemin groaned and staggered. Kyu caught him with his other hand as Taemin slumped backwards, and leaned the smaller boy against the wall. For a moment he slipped his finder from Tae’s hole. Tae heard a faint popping noise as he watched Kyu suck on his finger for a moment, before swallowing his length again. Sucking harder than ever before Kyuhyun eased his finger back into Taemin’s hole, plus a second one.

Tae shouted, he hadn’t expected Kyu to put three fingers into his hole. He had never believed that his hole could open up enough to allow three fingers to sit nicely inside of it. He had never felt anything so good in my entire life. No wonder Key always bottomed. Taemin was getting close. He could feel his member growing in Kyu’s mouth. Kyu must have felt it too because he pulled off of Tae’s length and looked up at him with a lust-filled evil smirk on his face, his lips wet with spit and precum.

"My turn." Kyu demanded as his fingers withdrew from Tae’s hole.

Slowly Kyu pulled down his bikini briefs freeing his own member.

"Lay down." Kyu commanded.

Taemin winced as the cold marble contacted his back, watching as Kyu
knelt down over his head and swung his member down to brush against his own lips. Tae opened his mouth as wide as He could and let Kyu’s member fall into my mouth. Kyu’s head rubbing against Taemin’s tongue as he closed his lips around the slowly thickening shaft; Taemin couldn’t believe what he was doing, but he still wanted to do it.

Kyuhyun leaned forward, his length slipping another inch into Taemin’s mouth making him gag a little. “Swallow and breathe through your nose. It will keep you from gagging,” Kyu advised as he grabbed Tae’s ankles. He pulled them up and spread Taemin’s legs wide exposing his hole once more. Tae could never have imagined anything like what came next, Kyu’s tongue ran along his crack and then just as suddenly as his fingers had his tongue slid into the tight little hole. While Tae struggled to swallow Kyu’s monstrous steadily growing length, Kyu’s tongue sent shivers up my spine.

Taemin needed to cum so badly but once again Kyu knew that he was close and stopped tonguing his hole and pulled his own member out of Tae’s mouth. A little stiffly Kyu crawled off of Tae, turned around and kissed him.

"Hyung -"

"Really? You still want me to stop?"

"No … Hyung … Please …" Taemin stuttered.

Shuffling up Kyuhyun moved into position.

Taemin took two quick breaths and then one long deep one, he tried hard not to think about what was about to happen but all that he could concentrate on was the growing pressure of Kyu’s length on his hole. Harder and harder Kyu pressed until suddenly just as Taemin was about to let out the last of his breath Tae stopped everything, he was frozen. His breath stuck in his throat. Kyu was all the way in.

Desperately trying to ignore the extreme pain that was flooding his body. He couldn’t believe how much it hurt. Then Kyu pushed in a little more, and then a little more.

With each extra inch the pain increased, but something else increased with it: pleasure. The longer Kyu’s member was in Tae’s hole the better it felt. He loved it.

Slowly Kyu pulled back, and then in, then out, then in.

Kyuhyun began to thrust harder and harder, Taemin’s groans filled the room. The smell of sweat and sex filled the elevator, as Tae breathed short shallow breaths in time with Kyu’s hammering.

Suddenly Kyu bent down and kissed Tae roughly.

Just when Taemin was sure Kyu was unable to continure, he felt Kyu pull out and flip him over so that Tae was facing the floor and Kyu still kneeling between his legs.

In one deft motion Kyuhyun slammed his length back into Tae’s hole. He sucked on Tae’s ear eliciting another load moan from the plump lips.

Kyu suddenly stopped his pounding and pulled out of Tae’s hole. He sat down on the floor using a wall as a brace,”Come on over here, and have a seat” Kyu teased.

Taemin jumped to my feet and quickly dropped himself down onto Kyu’s member impailing himself all the way to the hilt.

Again, and again, and again Tae rode Kyu’s length, pounding against his prostate sending electrical shock waves through Tae’s body.

The pressure was building, Taemin was ready to burst. He bounced harder and harder, groaning louder and louder till of a sudden his member exploded sending ribbons of white liquid splattering all over the elevator.

That was all it took to send Kyu over the edge filling Tae’s hole. Exhausted Tae fell forward onto Kyu’s chest, his own chest heaving, Kyu’s member still lodged in his hole.

For a long time they sat there feeling eachother’s breath even out. As Kyu’s length softened it slipped out of Taemin’s hole letting out a flood of liquid from his hole .

Kyu rolled Tae over onto his back and gave him a long kiss before getting up and putting on his own clothes. He helped the younger male dress and pushed some buttons to which the elevator moved again.

"What should we tell the hyungs?" Tae whispered.

"What they don’t know won’t hurt them."


Back at the SHINee house Minho asked Taemin if he had fun during the game today.

"I did hyung. Since we won I think I’ll hide with Kyu hyung more often." Taemin answered slyly.

18 Jul 2010 ★ 6 notes

Maknae Leader is Back :D

OMG - you don’t know how much I missed this site - I couldn’t stop thinking about it … that’s a little over dramatic - but still. 

I got my friend to be my secretary for my - I would call her so she could check the site for me .. that’s basically it :)

A big shoutout to Matt who handled the site all by his lonesome :) Thanks Matt - I’m back bb <3

There’s good news and bad news though - 

Good News - I did work on some fanfictions while I was away 

Bad News - I didn’t finish any of them … 

Explanation - I was at Jesus Camp - volunteering down in DC - helping mentally ill people … it was not a good environment to write smut - the guilt of Jesus looking down at me was too strong … Also - our days ran from 5:45AM - 12:30AM - 1:00AM - not good plus no Air Conditioning + the fact we had to walk everywhere - made me super tired … and unable to write - I’m sorry …

- MIA Maknae Leader, 1st Admin



- Out of town, 2nd Admin

16 Jul 2010 ★ 1 note

Hangeng’s Solo Concert

Title: Hangeng’s Solo Concert
Author: Eun Mi, 1st Fanfic Writer
Main Character: Hangeng
Other Characters: Super Junior
Pairings: Hanchul (?)
Rating: G
Read if you’re not a Gengfan. Read if you are a Gengfan.

A/N: So Hangeng’s solo concert is coming up and I really wanted to write a Hangeng fanfic so I figured I might as well use his concert as the setting. Since Hangeng gege invited the SuJu members to the concert, I was inspired to write the plot for this fic. I had to put a bit of Hanchul in because next to Eunhae, they’re one of my favorite otps but I tried being a ninja about it ㅋㅋ Enjoy ^^

Read More

14 Jul 2010 ★ 8 notes

Requesting a Junho / Wooyoung pairing, WooHo needs some loving! 8D.


-Happy Matt, 2nd Admin


13 Jul 2010 ★ 0 notes

Better Not Together

Title: Better Not Together
Author: Natalie, 3rd Admin.
Main Character(s): Junsu, Taekyeon
Other Character(s): none
Pairing(s): Junsu/Taekyeon
Rating: R
Summary: Junsu has a problem that Taekyeon finds out about.
Warning(s): Sexual themes and cursing. 

A/N: NEVER AGAIN. I will never write this pairing again unless someone offers me something in return. This was horrible to write. Thanks to Jude<3 who held my shaking and crying hands and beta’d this ish.

…it just burst out of him, like a caged bird, and flew away.  )

12 Jul 2010 ★ 2 notes

The Seattle Way (1/5)

Title: The Seattle Way
Author: Alice, 7th Fanfic Writer
Group: 2PM
Main Character(s): Jaebeom, Nichkhun
Other Character(s): Junsu, Taekyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung
Pairing(s): Jaebeom-Nichkhun (JayKhun)
Warning(s): Old, boring subject. Junho can speak japanese here. And Nichkhun is such a girl here. /facepalm
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 2PM is on their holidays in Okinawa, Japan and some unexpected things happen there. LMAO I suck at summaries. 

( Read More )

11 Jul 2010 ★ 0 notes