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Started : June 14, 2010

Look What I Found…

Title: Look What I Found … 
Author: Talli, Official Fanfic Writer
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Teen Top
Pairing: L.Joe/Chunji
Word Count: 2,110
Summary: Chunji is amazed with what he finds. (Based on this picture, http://www.flickr.com/photos/teentop/5434491375/  (Imagine Niel is L.Joe))
Notes: Boy x Boy, the word Safe (which we should all know by now in my context means ok). Fills out both requests for an L.Joe/Chunji smut (the one for a smut and the one for L.Joe topping)

‘Chunji’ Niel called from across the field as a snowball left his hand. It hit Chunji on the arm. Chunji laughed and threw his back in retaliation. Only to realise that Niel and CAP were making snowballs faster than, Chanjo and Ricky and him and, wait. Where was L.Joe. ‘Wait guys, L.Joe has gone…’ Chunji said as he was pelted with snowballs. ‘I’m going to look for him’ Chunji walked away, still being attacked by his band mates. He went inside, shelled off his coat, and walked to L.Joe’s room, he knocked gently on the door ‘L.Joe, open up’, upon hearing nothing, he pushed the door open. No L.Joe. He checked all the communal areas, no L.Joe. He gave up and walked towards his own room. He pushed open the door, and was taken aback by what he saw. L.Joe was lying on his front, blissfully sleeping, across Chunji’s bed. Chunji smirked slightly walking over to sit on his bed.

                Chunji sat next to L.Joe, gently stroking the younger’s hot pink hair. Smirking again he thought of the fuss L.Joe had made getting the right shade of pink. So fussy. Chunji began to feel his body pull him down wards. He fought himself. Restraining himself like he always did, always had to. He contemplated. Maybe a peck on the cheek would be ok. It could be interpreted as friendly, right? He leant down and let his lips brush against the soft flawless skin that belonged to L.Joe, he smiled as he lifted his head back up. He suddenly felt an arm flash around his neck and pull him back down. L.Joe rolled over, and brought his lips to Chunji’s. His arms strong forcing Chunji down onto him.

                ‘I’ve been waiting for you to care enough to tell me’ L.Joe smirked, that smirk that made Chunji hot, then reconnected their lips. Chunji smiled as L.Joe pushed Chunji back into a sitting position and he sat up to. Chunji smiled. ‘I always cared, I was just afraid.’ Chunji looked down. L.Joe smiled, bringing his lips closer to Chunji’s face, he whispered, ‘worried what I’d do?’ L.Joe smirked, pulling Chunji’s –hideous – sweater off. Kissing Chunji’s collar bones, L.Joe went to work undoing the belt that held Chunji’s jeans on. He smiled as the belt released the trousers. Pulling them down quickly, he noticed that Chunji was hard. L.Joe smiled, as he kissed Chunji full on the mouth. His hand ran across the elastic waistband of Chunji’s boxers, and in one swift movement pulled them off. ‘Joe what are you—‘ Chunji was cut off, as he whimpered, L.Joe had taken his member and swallowed it, L.Joe continued to suck gently, then hard, Chunji laced his fingers into L.Joe’s hair. ‘Joe’ he gently moaned as he felt himself come. L.Joe swallowed, grinning. ‘How do you?’, Chunji began. L.Joe smirked, gently kissing Chunji’s collar bone again. ‘I lived in America, lose it young.’ L.Joe smirked pulling his shirt off, followed by his own trousers and his boxers.

                L.Joe gently stuck his fingers up Chunji’s tight hole. ‘L.Joe’ Chunji moaned in both pleasure and pain. ‘I know, I know, I have some lube babe’ L.Joe kissed Chunji’s shoulder blade, as he thrust himself in. Chunji let out a gasp. L.Joe stroked the elder’s hair, kissing gently the back of his neck. ‘I know babe, I know, it will get better I promise.’ L.Joe thrust in again, Chunji gasped again. L.Joe stopped. Chunji whimpered. ‘Please Joe’. L.Joe was only too happy to oblige, and kept up a rhythm. L.Joe felt himself release into Chunji. Chunji let out another gasp. L.Joe pulled out and rolled onto his back. He sat there smiling to himself. Chunji stayed still lying on his side.


                ‘Chunji.’ Chunji felt a pair of cold hands run across his face. He shot awake, His naked upper body was exposed. He quickly pulled at the duvet, checking he was covered. ‘Why are you sleeping in so little in the winter?.’ The owner of the cold hands asked. Chunji’s eyes fluttered, his hand ran down the bed, no L.Joe. ‘Chunji. Are you going to answer?’ Chunji looked at Niel. Chunji smiled, and then let his head fall back hitting the pillow. Niel left.  

                Chunji got up, pulled on his boxers, his skinny jeans and his sweater. He walked downstairs, and as he stepped down the stairs, L.Joe was walking up them. He  stopped as they reached the same stair. ‘You left.’ Chunji stated. L.Joe smirked forcing his mouth onto Chunji’s He broke the kiss, ‘I had to, CAP came in and saw us.’ Chunji looked mortified. ‘Not like while we were…’ L.Joe stopped talking as he saw Niel at the foot of the stairs. ‘Are you two…?’ Niel said his voice rife with pain. L.Joe turned, dropped his arm from around Chunji. ‘Are we what?’ Niel just looked at Chunji. ‘Niel, for God sake, what do you want to know?’ L.Joe looked at Niel’s face. ‘Ah’ L.Joe smirked, ‘you want to know if me and him are like this?’ L.Joe smirked as he pressed his lips to Chunji’s softly at first but then suddenly lust took over.  Pushing Chunji hard against the wall, he parted Chunji’s lips and let his tongue dart in. When finally they pulled apart, Chunji looked back down to see that Niel had left. ‘What was I saying…’ L.Joe hesitated. ‘Oh yes, CAP walked in when you had fallen asleep and I was lying on my back. He sorta flipped out. Mainly at me, because I was awake. But he sorta banned us from being together.’ L.Joe kissed Chunji’s cheek. ‘Something about us harming people.’ L.Joe laughed. Chunji’s mind reeled back. Niel. No it couldn’t be.

                Chunji walked down the stairs, to find CAP sitting in the living room, as if waiting. ‘ChanHee.’ Chunji gulped, he was in trouble. ‘Look, I saw you and L.Joe, and from L.Joe I gathered you two slept together. Now as much as it isn’t my place to tell you what you can and can’t do with other members, but when it is hurting someone - that I cannot allow. Ever think about consequences?’ Chunji looked down. ‘No, I thought not.’ CAP got up and left. Chunji sat down, He closed his eyes, and woke when he heard the door open. Niel, his eyes were puffed up. ‘Nie-‘


                ‘Don’t what?’

‘Don’t talk’

                ‘Niel. What is wrong?’

‘Like you don’t know’

                ‘Nie, I don’t’

‘You really are an air head’

                ‘I guess.’

‘You’re with L.Joe -  that is what is wrong.’


‘Don’t you get it? I love you.’


‘I love you, I always have.’ At this point Niel had welled up again. Chunji took a step back, Niel was far too emotional for anyone’s good. ‘Niel, ever thought I have feelings.’ Chunji was taken over by rage. ‘Just because you like me does not mean I have to like you.’ Niel began to cry, trying to hold his tears back. ‘Niel please don’t cry.’ Chunji stepped closer to Niel. ‘Shhh, c’mon now’ Chunji wrapped his arms around Niel. ‘I know first love is hard.’

‘You acted like you liked me’

                ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to’

‘It hurts to see L.Joe all over you, we’re the same age.’

                ‘I know. But…’

‘But what? He looks like he’s better in bed.’


‘Don’t please. I can’t take it.’ Niel pushed Chunji away from himself. Niel left, Chunji fell back onto the sofa, this was too much drama. CAP re-entered. ‘Went well huh?’

‘Not now CAP’

                ‘Well, he is crying on the bottom stair.’

‘Why is it so important how Niel feels?’

                ‘Look, he is naive.’

‘That isn’t my fault.’


‘No. What I have to deny my feelings for L.Joe and pretend I love Niel. I can’t do it.’

                ‘That wasn’t-‘

‘CAP just leave my relationships alone. Niel is a big boy now. He can look after himself’ Chunji stormed out. As he went to go up the stairs, he saw L.Joe come out of the kitchen. ‘Up for round 2,’ L.Joe smirked, looking at Niel.

‘Safe,’ Chunji answered, taking L.Joe’s hand. Chunji –still holding L.Joe’s hand tight- Came to the stairs. Niel was just crumpled on the bottom step crying. Chunji stepped over his trying not to alert Niel to his presence. L.Joe however has no such worries. ‘Hurry Chunji,  I can’t wait. Let’s go to my room.’ Niel lay completely still hoping they would just go already, or maybe the stairs would swallow him up. Chunji let L.Joe drag him into L.Joe’s room. L.Joe kissed Chunji full on the mouth. Chunji pulled away. ‘Joe, I was just wondering, why were you in my room this morning?’

‘I wanted you’

                ‘Why today?’

‘It was cold, I am lazy.’


‘I came inside because I was cold, and I am lazy. Then i decided to do something productive.’ L.Joe smirked. ‘Now shh and kiss me.’ Chunji smiled as L.Joe pressed their lips together. L.Joe broke the kiss and pulled Chunji towards the bed.


‘Niel. You need to move’ CAP’s voice resounded in Niel’s ears. ‘Chanjo, come and help me move him’ Chanjo did as was required and helped CAP carry Niel into the living room and put him down on the sofa. ‘Niel please, talk to me’ CAP pleaded. Niel just made a noise and turned away from CAP curling himself up.

                CAP stormed up the stairs. He burst through the door to Chunji’s room. Chunji however was not there. CAP walked through the hall until he came to L.Joe’s door. He stood outside briefly, before storming in.

‘I’m close I promise Chunji’ L.Joe said seductively, he kissed Chunji’s shoulder blade, as he continued to thrust into the elder. ‘Sorry to break this up.’ CAP said. L.Joe thrust in again, and Chunji made a guttural noise. And L.Joe emptied himself. ‘For God sake you two’ CAP shouted, pulling the duvet off the pair. ‘Woah CAP, boundaries’ L.Joe smirked. ‘Surely if you wanted to join you could have asked.’ L.Joe laughed. ‘Of course I’d say no.’ CAP rolled his eyes.

‘Not everyone would jump at the chance of screwing you’ CAP answered smoothly. Chunji was lying completely still, unlike L.Joe he was not as confident with having his body exposed, or being seen in such a way. ‘ChanHee, put your clothes on and me and you are going to talk in private.’  Chunji nodded, pulling on his clothing and following CAP outside. ‘ChanHee, seriously, if you want to carry on with L.Joe you have to be more considerate.’


                ‘You two loudly announcing that you are going to sleep with each other. In front of Niel’

‘Look CA-‘

                ‘JUST SHUT UP CHANHEE.’ CAP exploded. ‘Listen to me for once’ Chunji nodded. ‘Look, please be more careful around him.’

‘What? Is this another plea for me to be back with him?’

                ‘ChanHee, please.’

‘Look I’ve already talked to him. He is too young’

                ‘I am the same age as L.Joe.’ Niel interjected from the stairs. Chunji looked down the stairs to see him, he still looked as if he were crying. CAP turned around. ‘Look Niel,’ Chunji stepped forward. ‘I can’t be with you.’

‘ChanHee, shut up’ CAP said pushing Chunji back.

                ‘Niel, please try to understand. I love L.Joe’

‘It’s hard to stop loving you, my heart still does.’ Niel began crying again.

                ‘Nie. Please’ Chunji stepped forward. ‘I do love you, but in a different way.’

‘Chunji…’ CAP murmured.

                ‘Look, Niel, please I think there is someone here who deserves your love a lot more than I do’ Chunji smirked, kissed Niel’s cheek and walked back to L.Joe’s room.


‘What took you so long,’ L.Joe smirked.

                ‘CAP, basically using me, to confess to Niel’


                ‘Yeah…’ Chunji stripped off, and got into the bed.

‘Woah. I knew he cared too much’

                ‘Mhm’ Chunji snuggled into L.Joe’s body, getting comfortable. L.Joe smirked.

‘I guess you never considered choosing Niel.’


‘I got scared, for a bit that you’d changed your mind’

                ‘L.Joe, scared?’ Chunji giggled.

‘Yeah, you mean a lot to me Chunji’ L.Joe kissed Chunji’s forehead. Chunji wrapped his arms around L.Joe. ‘Shh now Joe, let’s go to sleep’

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