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Writing Tips Series

Started : June 14, 2010

Cafe SoR (Chapter 3)

Title: Cafe SoR
Author: Matt, 2nd Admin
Main Character(s): Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung
Other Character(s): Minho
Pairing(s): Junho/Chansung, Nichkhun/Wooyoung
Rating: PG-13
Summary: So Junho and Chansung are dating. Yay. Nichkhun and Wooyoung are dating. Double yay. And those four men currently like how they spend their days, just them and the customers of Cafe SoR. However when management decides to add another to the work force, one particular boyfriend isn’t pleased about it.
Warning: A plethora of sexual innuendos.


"Ouch!" Junho yelped, wagging his finger in subtle agony. He hurried over to the sink and ran his finger under cold water, soothing the area where he was burned. Today was supposed to be his day off, but unfortunately he found himself confined to the kitchen of Cafe SoR.

"You alright?" Chansung chimed in from behind, donning an apron and spatula. He hovered over Junho’s shoulder and inspected his boyfriend’s aching finger, not being able to see anything wrong with it. "Mmm…" he hummed for a bit, "It doesn’t look like it hurts."

"It hurts like a bastard," Junho whined while shutting the water off. He searched for a cloth to wipe his hands dry but when he couldn’t find one nearby, he used Chansung’s apron. He had to admit, his man looked good with a chef getup, "Did you finish cutting all the tomatoes?"

"Yeah…" Chansung responded quietly as he immersed himself in straightening his apron, smoothing out the wrinkles Junho made. Since it was the summertime, management were looking to hire new employees and offered him a job because he is always here bothering Junho. "Is this all you have to do here?"

"When it’s a slow day yeah," Junho answered nonchalantly as he made his way to inspect Chansung’s tomatoes. At first glance, there seemed to be nothing wrong with them but he immediately noticed a considerable amount missing, "Are these all the tomatoes you cut…?"

"Mhm," Chansung responded quietly again, immersing himself now in the fries Junho was cooking. He diligently watched it cook and he kept a good distance away from the boiling oil, he didn’t want to get burned. "I kept the good parts though."

Junho rolled his eyes and marched over to Chansung, latching his fingers on his lower lips and pulled his jaw open, “You ate it didn’t you?”

"Nyuh hyuh," Chansung moaned a gibbered response before giving a mischievous grin. It was only natural that his tongue tasted the familiar taste of flesh, and after a few licks he started sucking his boyfriend’s fingers slowly.

"Chansung!" Junho gave an embarrassed yelped and attempted to yank his fingers out of Chansung’s mouth, but the other’s grip was too strong and they ended up crashing on the floor. "Ugh…. That hurt… Will you stop sucking me!?"

'Tee hee,' Chansung’s perverted mind giggled and he reluctantly released Junho’s fingers from his mouth. If this was how work was going to be like, it was no different then how they spent their days together because he would help Junho cook, then eat, and then in some way they would be on the floor with him being on top. “I could get used to this.”

"Pervert," Junho rolled his eyes while wiping his slobbered fingers on Chansung’s apron, "Now will you get off of me? I have to finish training you."

"Why…?" Chansung gave a disapproving frown but reluctantly complied with Junho’s request. He planted a quick kiss and lingered for a bit before pushing himself up when the other glared at him, "You know you’re no fun."

"Psh!" Junho scoffed as he lazily lifted himself on his feet. He took a few seconds to wipe the clumps of dust and dirt off his butt and gave a playful glare to Chansung, "You know I’m fun and go finish cutting the vegetables."

"Yeah yeah," Chansung replied playfully to Junho and turned back to finish cutting the vegetables, but he stopped when he passed a bottle of whipped cream. Barely a second passed before a very mischievous grin crept across his face, "Junho."

"Yeah?" Junho tilted his head away from his cooking and towards Chansung, raising his eyebrow questioningly at him.

Chansung twirled the bottle of whipped cream with his fingers, “Wanna have some fun?”

"Nn…" Junho opened his mouth to detest the idea, but the inappropriate glimmer in his boyfriend’s eyes hypnotized him. Admittedly, he was still aroused from being pinned to the floor earlier and it didn’t harm anyone or their food after a few minutes of… "fun". Also, Chansung’s been inside the kitchen long enough to know it perfectly, "Fine but I’m on top this time."

"I hate him…" Wooyoung muttered quietly to himself.

"You don’t mean that Youngie," Nichkhun tried to sound as disarming as possible but the malice his man was radiating was enough to cut a person. Unfortunately, he knew his consoling words weren’t that effective and he sighed in defeat, going back to organizing tea bags.

"Look at him!" Wooyoung gave the loudest whisper possible while flailing empty coffee mugs as a means to emphasize his point. The guy in question was another trainee he was training with and under different circumstances he was sure they’d be good acquaintances, but the circumstances they were in justified his hatred. "He looks so dirty!"

"Mmm…" Nichkhun looked up from his proud, colorful assortment of herbal teas and to the other person in the lounge, analyzing his appearance thoroughly, "He looks clean to me."

"That’s not what I mean…!" Wooyoung crouched down closer to Nichkhun, grabbing him by his apron and pulling him closer to him, "He looks like some cheap hooker you’d find at a gay club and he was all over you…!”

Nichkhun rolled his eyes at Wooyoung’s absurd accusations. Although, he did agree that the new guy had a… distinct choice of attire that showed his very tall and lean frame. Also, there were quite a few times where he found himself getting… lost into the other’s unusual quiet charm but he couldn’t let his boyfriend know that, “You’re overreacting.”

"Hmph," Wooyoung stood back up and sulked into the espresso machine, watching glumly as the foam oozed onto the cup, "You’re under reacting…" He couldn’t explain exactly why he felt so hostile towards the new guy, but he was certain he was out to steal Nichkhun away from him.

"Now now…" Nichkhun slunk his arms back around Wooyoung’s waist, bringing him closer to him, "You’re my boyfriend and I love you. Don’t worry about him or any other guy at that, because they can’t compete with you."

'Awh…' Wooyoung cooed sweetly in his mind, but his stubbornness kept him from fully showing it. “You’re just saying that,” he retorted but regardless, he nuzzled against the nook of Nichkhun’s neck, “But I fee-“

"Ahem," the husky voiced trainee announced from across the counter. Unknowingly to him, he killed a cute moment between his mentor and fellow trainee as well as giving more incentive for the latter to hate him. Nonetheless, he gave a naive smirk while catching the light on his name tag that read, "Minho". "Nichkhun I finished cleaning."

Wooyoung prayed that either he was imagining Minho’s voice or Chansung was calling for Nichkhun, but unfortunately when he turned around it was neither. ’Oh bish you will die,’ was the first and only thought in his mind as he sent death glares towards Minho.

"Wow you work fast!" Nichkhun complimented with impressive glee as he pulled on the edge of the counter to separate himself from Wooyoung; cuddling in front of trainees wasn’t appropriate.

"I can work you faster…" Wooyoung muttered to himself while convincing himself that beating Minho senselessly with coffee mugs was a bad idea. His rather amusing thought ended when Nichkhun elbowed him, "Ow what was that for!?"

"Because you’re being inappropriate…!" Nichkhun, who was blushing from the vulgar comment, gave a warning glare to Wooyoung. A few awkward chuckles later, he looked back at Minho with an embarrassed grin, "So…! Uhm… You’re a fast learner…!" Nichkhun began rambling incessantly, trying to find his point, "And uhm… There’s not much else to teach you besides the recipes and-"

"I remembered them all…" Wooyoung muttered quietly this time but loud enough so Minho could hear and know that Jang Wooyoung is better then him.

Nichkhun rolled his eyes at Wooyoung’s thoughtless comment before a brilliant idea popped into his head, “And Wooyoung will teach you all the recipes.” There was a high chance that he would regret this decision, but he was willing to risk it.

"What!?" Wooyoung screeched while slamming his mug on the counter, inadvertently missing Minho’s delicate fingers. Nichkhun knew he hated him so why would he force them to interact?

"Sure," Minho answered nonchalantly behind a sly grin, "I’ll do well Nichkhun."

"Ah… Good…!" Nichkhun replied nervously as he switched his gaze from his evidently upset boyfriend and… Minho, "So uhm… I’ll be doing inventory in the back." Though he felt it was a good idea, he wondered if is plan would work but it was too late to back down now. "Youngie," Nichkhun whispered quietly into Wooyoung’s ear as he passed him, "Just try to get along with him please…"

As much as Wooyoung wanted to say no, and he was about to say no, he begrudgingly gave an unenthusiastic nod, ‘Fine.”

"Thanks," Nichkhun sighed sweet relief and leaned closer to Wooyoung, kissing him on the cheek," I love you." Before he left, he gave the two a quick wave goodbye, "I’ll check on you guys in about thirty minutes."

"Bye bye…" Wooyoung waved sadly as he watched Nichkhun disappear into the back room, leaving him with Minho. Speaking of which, he reluctantly faced the other guy and forced a smile, "So let’s get started."

"Ow…" Chansung exhaled a pained sigh while bending over a crate of tomatoes, resting his upper body on it, "Why do you think that feels good?"

Junho, on the other hand, was very calm and relaxed. He lifted himself onto the crate Chansung was leaning on and sat on it, “It just feels good I guess,” he answered nonchalantly, “Why you didn’t like it?”

"Nooo!" Chansung moaned a blunt response while using his free arm to rub his sore bottom. At this point he didn’t care if raising his butt in the air while rubbing it looked wrong, it felt amazing. "I thought it wouldn’t hurt that much."

"Hmm mmm mmm…" Nichkhun hummed to himself as he stepped into the storeroom geared with a clipboard and pen. He didn’t notice Chansung and Junho at first but it was mere seconds before he flashed a curiously bright smile at them, "Hey guys wh-" he stopped mid-sentence when he saw Chansung’s… interesting position, "Are you alright Chan?"

"N- Ughhh…" Chansung started to answer but groaned in pain instead, wincing when Junho pulled him upright by his shirt, "I’m alright…"

Nichkhun cocked his head suspiciously and put his clipboard on one of the shelves, then made his way to inspect Chansung. “You look like you’re in pain… Oh you have something on your neck.” That something was a white cream resting right below Chansung’s neck, “Here lemme get it for you.”

Junho quickly zoomed in on what Nichkhun was looking at and his face fell in horror, he immediately shot his hand towards the stain, “Wait Nichkhun! Don-” When he saw Nichkhun take the cream into his fingers and licked it, all the blood in his head drained into his stomach.

"What’s wrong?" Nichkhun scratched his head confusedly at Junho’s frantic antics while sucking the excess cream on his finger, "It was just whipped cream."

"Huh…? Oh right whipped cream!" Junho answered with embarrassed enthusiasm, "I just… Uhm… I just wanted to uhm…" He scrambled to find something to say that wouldn’t imply that the white cream was… something else.

"Nichkhun you’re nasty," Chansung bluntly answered for Junho while sprawling himself back onto the crate. An awkward silence ensued as the two left Nichkhun more confused then enlightened but anyone would agree that it was for the best.

"So uh-" Nichkhun was about to brake the awkward silence but stopped when he heard a large crash in the lounge, "Uh oh I knew it was a bad idea!" Without saying goodbye, he rushed out of the storeroom and into the lounge.

"Aigoo…!" Junho sighed loudly while waving goodbye to the spot where Nichkhun was standing, eventually collapsing on top of Chansung’s limp body. "That was too close."

"Mmm… babe," Chansung gave a muffled response from underneath Junho’s body. He inched his head closer to the edge so he could speak a bit clearer, "Lets go another round."

"Eh!?" Junho raised an inquisitive eyebrow and flipped his body over, wrapping his arms around Chansung’s neck. "I thought that you’re in pain."

"I am," Chansung answered weakly while slowly flipping his body over, wrapping his own arms around Junho’s waist, "But I’m on top this time."

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