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Writing Tips Series

Started : June 14, 2010

Meet the Staff

1st Admin/Founder: Angela | CASSIOPEIA | fics

age: 17
birthday: November 23
tumblr: kinghero
nationality: Vietnamese
country: United States
ultimate bias: Kim Jaejoong
OTPs: Jaejoong/Yoochun, Changmin/Jaejoong, Yoochun/ Yunho, Changmin/Yoochun, Changmin/ Junsu, Heechul/Siwon, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Sungmin/Yesung, Chansung/Nichkhun
likes: drawing on my tablet, cooking, sleeping, watching movies by myself, traveling, chilling with friends, hugs
dislikes: the ridiculously radical fans, hypocrites, insects, humidity, people who can’t figure out what fashion is suppose to be, un-classy people

2nd Admin: Matt | Boice | fics | HIATUS

3rd Admin: Natalie | HOTTEST | fics

age: 21
birthday: March 27
nationality: Vietnamese
country: United States
ultimate bias: Lee Junho
OTPs: Junho/Nichkhun
funfacts: -
Anti virus programs, strappy shoes, Netflix, and 2PM crotches.
dislikes: Brain freezes, wet flip flops, those tiny crumbs in the bottom of the bag, and armpit. ALSO B.O. THATS JUST A BIG NO.

Secretary: Brenna | HOTTEST | fics


  • Mochi | TRIPLE S/HOTTEST | fics

age: 16
birthday: October 20
nationality: Vietnamese/Chinese
country: Canada
ultimate bias: Park Jungmin
OTPs: Kyujong/Jungmin, Hyunjoong/Youngsaeng, Hyunjoong/Jungmin, Hyunjoong/Hyungjun, Jaejoong/Yunho, Taecyeon/Jay Park, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, G-Dragon/Sunye, YeEun/Daesung
funfacts: I can play 3 instruments, complete and total nerd, learned of kpop from Boa but never got into it until DBSK, learning Korean ^^
likes: grapes, sunglasses, camwhoring, drawing, READING, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, anime, Death Note, Inuyasha, YouTube
dislikes: over enthusiastic fans, fake fans, too harsh criticism, haters, WRITER’S BLOCK, backstabbers

  •  Talli | ANDROMEDA | fics

age: 17
birthday: February 6
tumblr: chunjibulge
nationality: British
country: England
ultimate bias: Chunji
OTPs: Teen Top: NAP, ChunJoe, ChaNiel, ChuNiel, L.Niel|Infinite: HoJong, KyuJong, Sungjong/anyone really| 
funfacts: I play Ice-hockey, there is a guy on my team who looks like Sungkyu from Infinite. like seriously just like him. the eyes, the mouth, but he’s white. BUT IT IS LIKE A MIRROR. I also write more than Infinite and Teen Top but I am too lazy to write out :)
likes: Cherryade, Shorts, Writing, Having Ideas, Getting Feedback
dislikes: Writers block, thinking about the future, failure

  •  Alice | VIP | fics

name: Alice.
age: 19.
birthday: 26th June.
nationality: American.
country: United States, currently Germany.
ultimate bias: TOP.
fandoms: VIP & Hottest.
OTPs: Anything Big Bang or 2PM and some crossovers.
funfacts: I’ve never ever studied for a test (not lying), I collect quotes, pictures and things other people lost, I’ve never imagined myself dating, kissing, loving, etc-ing a kpop idol, I’m a language maniac (3 fluent & 7 learning), I’m constantly inventing stories in my head (but I barely write them down, sadly), I like discovering new places & climbing into ruins, I’m a fashion terrorist (I’m not joking, ask my sister), my boyfriend of 3 years is Thai (Nikom Thanasukolwit) and I’m a very shy person in real life.
likes: Good music, sunny weather, Navy CIS, dancing, the beach, chicken & ice cream, singing, Mark Harmon, In-N-Out, Marilyn Monroe, good books, quotes, lost places, How I Met Your Mother, good movies, skylines, typography, Big Bang Theory, wool, Audrey Hepburn, traveling, photography, Johnny Depp, candy, headphones, clothes, etc.
dislikes: Bad music, cold weather, snow, mountains, annoying voices, bad books, blurry photos, cheese, homophobia, bad movies, slow people, not having an internet connection.

  •  Billy | SONE | fics

age: 18 years old. 
birthday: February 3
tumblr: princeyul
nationality: Filipino
country: Philippines
ultimate bias: SNSD (all of them OTL)
OTPs: Royal Family (but I also support OT9), HanChul (Hangeng x Heechul), Adam Couple
funfacts: My male biases are one of these categories: gay-like, main rapper, best dancer…SNSD has been my ultimate bias since I got into Kpop, I can’t live without my mp3 player…I want to have a pet tiger…I’m a video game addict…I love sports to death as well…I’ve watched all kinds of porn (hentai, yaoi…name it…OTL)
likes: Teddy bears, colors grey, black, orange and white….video games…
dislikes: Horror movies, scary things…(although I write such genre as well…) and snakes.

  • Roo | CASSIOPEIA/ELF | fics

name: Roo Jung-Choi (*cough*)
age: 17
birthday: March 21
tumblr: angel0fmusic
nationality: White/Hispanic
country: USA
ultimate bias: Its a tie between Siwon and Yunho 
OTPs: YUNJAE, RooGela, SiChul
funfacts: I am not fun, therefore there are no facts LOL. Uhm, okay but seriously I can’t think of any, I’ll update it later ~__~
likes: DBSK, chocolate, bubbletea, cats, roses, painting, drawing, photography, singing, doing my nails, pokemon.
dislikes: Fake people, liars, bananas and most berries, hardcore shippers of any kind, people who lack common sense and people skills.

  • Kristina | KISS ME | fics

age: 20
birthday: March 19
nationality: White girl
country: Ze States
fandom: Kiss Me
OTPs: U-Kiss- Eli/pretty much the other eight | Big Bang- T.O.P.Sung | SHINee- 2min and JongHo | B2ST- DooWoon | Dalmatian- Inati/Daniel | MBLAQ- all of them with each other
funfacts: I collect rubber ducks (I have over 30), I work at a craft store but I’m terribly non-crafty, I’m an only child and I think that’s why I have a /vivid/ imagination, I have a god daughter named after me (: and I tend to be fashionably indecisive.
likes: music (all kinds), I have a nice collection of books, Harry Potter (it’s special okay XD), I’ve developed a fun hobby of card making, writing of course it is my life 
dislikes:  Homophobes, one of the managers at my work (because he’s a homophobe), volcanoes

  • Lei | HOTTEST | fics

age: 22
birthday: September 28
tumblr: le-es
nationality: Filipino
country: Canada
ultimate bias: Ok Taecyeon
OTPs: KhunYoung, TaecJay, (&Taec-Subway kekeke…)
funfacts: When I can’t sleep, I shop online. Most of my purchases are made between 1 and 4 am. -__-“. I also like to hit up the batting cages to relive stress. 
likes: Hello Kitty, good conversations, nap time and men in suits.
dislikes: Bugs, overcast weather, chipped nail polish and broken promises. 

  • Meg | BLACKJACK/ELF | fics
name: Meg
age: 22
birthday: January 16
tumblr:   sarangeunayaya
nationality: American
country: USA
ultimate bias: Kim Ryeowook
fandom: Blackjack|ELF
OTPs: Yunjae, Khuntoria, Chaera, Skydragon, Hanchul
funfacts: I can speak Spanish fluently though it isn’t my first language, I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings, I met JK Rowling at the Harry Potter theme park, I’m not that affectionate unless I am really close to someone.  Or unless they’re an online friend.  In that case I’m extremely affectionate.  Idek.
likes: the color green, cheese, the winter, snow, reading, chocolate
dislikes:mushrooms, olives, ignorance, general stupidity, blind hatred, thunderstorms
  • Haddie | SHAWOL | fics

name: Haddiqa (Prefers Haddie)
age: 18
birthday: 01-26-1993
tumblr: ohemfreakingeeinc
nationality: American/Pakistani
country: United States
ultimate bias: Lee Taemin
fandom: SHINee
OTPs: Jongkey, Minkey, Taekey, 2min, Lunew, 
funfacts: I have insomnia, I like cheesecake, I talk a lot, I am painfully blunt, I don’t believe in religion nor love nor anything of that subjective nature. 
likes: CHEESECAKE, LEE TAEMIN (preferably with his clothes off), writing, food! 
dislikes: Close-minded people, stubbornness (this list would be so much longer but I want to seem nice haha)

  • Kristine | INSPIRIT | fics
name: Kristine 
age: 18
birthday: August 18 
tumblr: hwanhyukhyun
nationality: Chinese
country: Canada
ultimate bias: Woohyun
fandom: I like to call it INFINITELY BEAST :P
OTPs: Woohyun + Sunggyu, Park Bom + GD :)
funfacts: I’m a girl of too many biases :) I’m going into my 3rd yr of Uni but I’m still one of those shameless, overly emotional, no boundaries fangirls lol. Oh wow, this is a really lame introduction. I’m terrible at this so please feel free to talk to me instead :D 
likes: Too many boys, PARK BOM JEITOAWJ, photography, coffee, Harry Potter, fashion, film!, too much more to list.
dislikes: BUGS :| Bad eating habits, making introductions, rude/ignorant/racist/narrow minded/impossible people, etc. I have a short temper when it comes to a large number of things :>